Current affairs dec2019

A)full forms

1)NPR =National Population Register

2)CAB =Citizens amendment Bill

3)CAA=Citizens Amendment Act

4)NRC=National Register of Citizens

5)GOI=Government of India

6)IPO=Initial Public Offer

7)GDPR=General Data Protection Regulation

8)EULA=End User License Agreement

9)EU =European Union

10)EEA=European Economic Area

B)One liner Quiz

1)Which state scored top position in good governance as declared by GOI-Tamilmadu, other ranks are:-

i.Tamilnadu ii.maharashtra iii.karnatka iv.chhattisgarh

2.Indian Cricketer who placed in Wizdon ‘s best player :-Virat Kohli

3.India celebrates Good governance Day(sushasan diwas) on-25th December (PM Atal Bihari Bajpai’s Birth day)

4.New name of Rohtang Tunnel is

-Atal tunnel


-Pension scheme for old aged Men sponsored by LIC with 8% Annual Return

6. first President of USA who visited North Korea?

-Donald Trump (28 jun2019)

7.First vertical bank note of world?

-Canadian 10 dollar

8.Best note of the year 2019?

-Canadian 10 dollar

9.Yongest Prime Minister of the world?

-Sana Marin(34 year ,Finland,capital Helsinki, Euro)

10.Who won continuously Fourth time as PM of Bangladesh?

-Shekh Hasina(Hatrick as PM, IT’S 4th term as PM)

11.Miss Universe of 2019?

-Zozibini Tunji (south Africa)

12. Time Person of the year?

-Greta Thunburn (16years)

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