Gautam Buddha(गौतम बुद्ध)

Most important Question are given below on The Gautam Buddha.Data taken from NCERT Books and Rajya Sabha TV.Which are frequently coming in UPSC,PCS,PSC ,Railways,Banks and otherCompetitive exams. Please remember all points to score good marks .

The Gautam Buddha

The Gautam Buddha was the founder of Buddhism. He pronounced the Four Nobel Truth (आर्य सत्य) to get rid of sufferings. He got enlightenment on the banks of river Niranjana( modern Lilajan) under a  (पीपल )peepal tree in Gaya. His birthday is celebrated as “Buddha Purnima” in like Sri Lanka (where it is called Vesak), Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, Thailand, Tibet, China, Korea, Laos, Vietnam, Mongolia, Cambodia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Five Great Events of Buddha’s 

Life and their Symbols
1. Birth: Lotus and Bull
2. Great Renunciation: Horse
3. Nirvana: Bodhi tree
4. First Sermon: Dharmachakra (Wheel)
5. Parinirvana or Death: Stupa

Four Noble Truths

1. The world is full of sorrows.
2. Desire is root cause of sorrow.
3. If Desire is conquered, all sorrows can be removed.
4. following the eight-fold path.

Eight Fold Path
1. Right understanding
2. Right speech
3. Right livelihood
4. Right mindfulness
5. Right thought
6. Right action
7. Right effort
8. Right concentration

Three Ratnas


Important Objective Quiz which is frequently covered in almost every important Exams:- 

1. When did Buddha live?
Ans : 560-480 BC

2. Buddha means?
Ans : awakened one/enlightened one

3. Where was Buddha born?
Ans : Lumbini/Kapilavastu (Nepal)

4. Where did Buddha die?
Ans : Kushinagar

5. Buddha belongs to which clan?
Ans : – Sakya/Shakya

6. What was the Buddha’s original name?
Ans : Siddhartha Gautama

7. Parents of Gautam Buddha ?
Ans:King Suddodhana & Queen Maha Maya

8. Buddha was married to ?
Ans : Yasodhara

9. Who was Buddha’s son?
Ans : Rahula

10. What was the name of Buddha’s horse?

11. Buddhacharita was written by?
Ans : Asvaghosa

12. What Mauryan ruler was the first to adopt Buddhism?
Ans : Ashoka

13. Who spread Buddhism in Korea?
Ans : Wonhyo Daisa

14. Buddha attained enlightenment under_____ ?
Ans : (पीपल )pipal tree in Bodh Gaya, India

15. The world’s largest monolithic statue Buddha is in?
Ans : Bamiyan(Afganistan)

16. How old was Buddha when he attained enlightenment?
Ans : 35

17. Who asked Buddha to share his kingdom?
Ans : Bimbisara

18. Where did Buddha attain enlightenment?
Ans : Bodh Gaya

19. Where did Buddha have first disciples?
Ans : Sarnath

20. Who donated the Jetavana monastery to Buddha?
Ans : Anathapindada

21. How many years did Buddha preach?
Ans : 45

22. Gautama Buddha was born in 563 BC in which Kshatriya family?

Ans.  Shakya Kshatriya family.   [Asked in KBC2020]

23. In which place Gautama Buddha delivered his first sermon?

Ans. Sarnath (Banaras)

24. Where was first Buddhist Council held?


25. Who among the following presided the first Buddhist Council?

Ans. Mahakasapa

26. Who among the following presided the third Council which was held at Patliputra under the patronage of Asoka?

ANs. Moggaliputta Tissa

27. Gautama Buddha got enlightenment at the age of—– under a Bodhi Tree.


28. What is the literal meaning of “Buddha”?

Ans. Awakened One/ The Enlightenment One

29. Who among the following king was cut down the Bodhi tree in the 2nd century BC, and in 600 AD?

Ans. Pushyamitra Shunga and King Shashanka

30.  Who among were the disciples of Buddha?

Ans. Sariputta, Moggallanna, Ananda, Kassapa and Upali

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