1. name the state bird of uttar pradesh – Sarus crane
  2. Name the state bird of Odisha-Indian roller
  3. what is full form of NGT- National Green Tribunal ,established18.10.2010,chairman 1st. Shri AK Goel Mr. Justice Lokeshwar Singh Panta, current-
  4. name the first state in india dependent on organic farming- sikkim
    6) the main air pollutants in metropolitan cities are-
    sulphur dioxide(SO2), oxides of nitrogen (NOx), suspended particulate matter (SPM) and respirable particulate matter(PM10).
    7) general medicinal plants used in cosmetics- aloe Vera
    8) the sunlight energy used by green plants in photosynthesis is transformed into- chemical energy. 
    9) what is audible(hearing) range of human- range of human hearing is 20 Hz to 20 kHz
    10)Desert region of india-Thar( is located partly in Rajasthan state, northwestern India, and partly in Punjab and Sindh (Sind) provinces, eastern Pakistan. … The Thar Desert covers some 77,000 square miles (200,000 square km) of territory.)
    11)when international earth day celebrated-22nd April
    12) writer of burning forest- Nandini Sundar

21. The ancestors of shungas originated from which city -> Ujjain
the successor of sher shah was ->
Islam Shah Suri

  1. where was the western presidency situated in early period of east india company->Surat(1618)
  2. The British empire is rotten to the core, corrupt in every direction and tyrannical and mean. The above statement was made by __? Margaret Elizabeth Noble ( Sister Nivedita. )
  3. who coined quit india slogan -> Yusuf Meher ali (August 8, 1942, ) He coined the term ‘Simon Go Back’ 
    26author of book planned economy for india- Visvesvaraya, M. (Mokshagundam), Sir, 1861-1962.
  4. which massacre is known as jallianwala bagh tragedy of madhya pradesh-charan paduka massacre(14 jan1930, 50km from chhatarpur town)
    28 longest river in india ganga
    29 the southern most range of india- The Cardamom Hills or Yela Mala are mountain range of southern India and part of the southern Western Ghats located in southeast Kerala and southwest Tamil Nadu in South India. Their name comes from the cardamom spice grown in much of the hills’ cool elevation, which also supports pepper and coffee.
    30 which state of india touches the boundary of most other states- Uttar Pradesh share borders with 9 different states. Neighbouring States of Uttar Pradesh – Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh in northwest, Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan in west, Madhya Pradesh in south, Chhattisgarh in southeast, Bihar and Jharkhand in east.
  5. The second largest river basin of india- Godavari is the second largest basin in india with 3,12,812 sq km in area.Godavari river basin is second largest basin in India.
    32. palk strait is located between-india&Srilanka( The Palk Strait is a strait between the Tamil Nadu state of India and the Mannar district of the Northern Province of the island nation of Sri Lanka. It connects the Bay of Bengal in the northeast with Palk Bay in the southwest. The strait is 53 to 82 kilometres wide.) Note:- The Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Straits separate India from Sri lanka
  6. intertropical convergence(ITCZ) zone , a low pressure zone,is located at:- Near the equator, from about 5 degrees north and 5 degrees south, the northeast trade winds and southeast trade winds converge in a low-pressure zone known as the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ).
  7. kanha national park is famous for which animal- Barasingha or swamp deer ((Rucervus duvaucelii), Indian wild dog and the most famed the India , Barasingha- the jewel of Kanha, 1879- The Kanha Area was declared as a reserve forest. the central provinces was made the center stage of Rudyard Kipling’s imaginations for “The Jungle Book” stories. 1933- The year when the Kanha forest area was declared 35 nepanagar is famous for which of the following industry?- newsprint paper mill,( Nepanagar is an industrial township in Burhanpur district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Nepanagar is famous for its newsprint paper mill,Nepa Mills Limited (earlier known asThe National News Print Ltd). It was founded in 1948 and start its commenced production from April, 1956 with an installed capacity of 30,000 TPA. The word “NEPA” is coined from National Environment Protection Authority, hence the name.
  8. which one of the following place of madhya pradesh is on or nearest to 80 degree east longitude-katani
  9. bhavantar bhugtan yojana of madhya pradesh is related to which sector-Agriculture.
  10. border security force is responsible for guarding on borders of which countries- Both the Indo-Pakistan and Indo-Bangladeshborders are guarded by the Border Security Force (BSF). India shares its borders with six different countries; Pakistan, China,Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh &Myanmar. These six international borders are guarded by different paramilitary forces. 
    39. who among the following is not a acting governor of madhya pradesh?- (a)Justice N.D. Ojha 
    (b) Justice P.V. Dixit 
    (c) Justice G.D.Dixit 
    (d) Justice G.P.Singh 
    Ans-(c) Justice G.D.Dixit
  11. Under which Article of the Constitution of India, the Governor has the power to promulgate ordinances during recess of Legislature? 
    (a) 155 
    (b) 156 
    (c) 212 
    (d) 213 
    Ans d.213
  12. What was the growth rate of Gross State Domestic Product [GSDP] of Madhya Pradesh from the year 2011-12 to 2015-16? 
    (a) 11-09% 
    (b) 15-09% 
    (c) 16-09% 
    (d) 17-09% 
     In which year was the office of the Parliamentary Secretary created first time in Independent India?: -1952
    (a) 1951 
    (b) 1952 
    (c) 1957 
    (d) 1962 
  13. Which one of the following is not correctly matched? Article of the India Constitution Related State 
    (a) 371 A Nagaland 
    (b) 371 B Assam 
    (c) 371 C Meghalaya 
    (d) 371 D Andhra Pradesh 
    Ans c. 371c manipur
  14. How many seats are reserved for Scheduled Castes in the Lok Sabha? -84
    (a) 59 
    (b) 69 
    (c) 79 
    (d) 84 
  15. Which one of the following is not correctly matched? State Allocation of Seats in the Rajya Sabha ,Ans (a)
    (a) Andhra Pradesh 18 
    (b) Odisha 10 
    (c) Tamil Nadu 18 
    (d) Maharashtra 19 
    46 In which year was Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education established? -1957
    (a) 1952 
    (b) 1957 
    (c) 1960 
    (d) 1961 
  16. En Passant is related to which game?  chess
    (a) Billiards 
    (b) Snooker 
    (c) Carrom 
    (d) Chess 
  17. The first Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award was given to whom? 
    Ans-(a) Viswanathan Anand 
    (b) Geet Sethi 
    (c) Sachin Tendulkar 
    (d) Dhanraj Pillai 
  18. Libero is related to which game? -Volleyball
    (a) Kabaddi 
    (b) Kho-Kho 
    (c) Basketball 
    (d) Volleyball 
  19. Who was the first recipient of Dronacharya Award in 1985?  all of them
    (a) O.M.Nambiar 
    (b) Om Prakash Bhardwaj 
    (c) B.B.Bhagwat 
    (d) All of them 
    51 What is the distance of Marathon Race? -26 miles 385 yards
    (a) 21 miles 385 yards 
    (b) 25 miles 385 yards 
    (c) 26 miles 385 yards 
    (d) 42 km 
  20. Which Indian player has won Gold Medal in Olympics? -Abhinav Bindra
    (a) Gagan Naran 
    (b) Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore 
    (c) Abhinav Bindra 
    (d) Sushil Kujnar 
    53 . The National Sports Day is celebrated on which day? – 29th August 
    (a) 29th September 
    (b) 14th November 
    (c) 29th August 
    (d) 29th July 
  21. The player who was awarded with Arjuna Award , Dronacharya Award, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna and Padma Shri is- Pullela Gopichand 
    (a) Abhinav Bindra 
    (b) Sachin Tendulkar 
    (c) Prakash Padukone 
    (d) Pullela Gopichand
  22. Which one of the following valleys of Madhya Pradesh is not a rift valley? – Chambal Valley
    (a) Son Valley 
    (b) Narmada Valley? 
    (c) Tapu Valley 
    (d) Chambal Valley? 
  23. Dhoopgarh, the highest peak of Madhya Pradesh, is located at -Satpura Range
    (a) Satpura Range 
    (b) Mahadeo Range 
    (c) Maikal Range 
    (d) Vindhyayan Range 
    Which one of the following rivers does not join river Chambal? 
    (a) Kshipra 
    (b) Kali Sindh 
    (c) Betwa 
    (d) Parvati 
    Ans c.Betwa
    57. which district of mp touches gujarat and rajasthan- jhabua
  24. climate of mp- Madhya Pradesh in Central India has a subtropical climate. Like most of north India it has a hot dry summer(April-June) followed by monsoon rains (July-September) and a cool and relatively dry winter. The average rainfall is about 1,370 mm (53.9 in).
  25. with which mineral production is malanjkhand associated- Malanjkhand. Malanjkhand also referred to as MCP (acronym for Malanjkhand Copper Project) is an open-pit copper mine in India, located near the town of Malanjkhand, 90 kilometres (56 mi) northeast of Balaghat in Madhya Pradesh, at an altitude of 576 MRL.
  26. which district of mp has highest percentage of tribal population-jhabua, The main tribal groups in Madhya Pradesh are Gond, Bhil, Baiga, Korku, Bhariya, Halba, Kaul, Mariya, and Sahariya. Dhar, Jhabua and Mandla districts have a more than 50 percent tribal population. In Khargone,Chhindwara, Seoni, Sidhi and Shahdoldistricts, 30 to 50 percent of the population is of tribes.
  27. gujari mahal was built by- The palace of Gujari Mahal was builtby Raja Man Singh Tomar for his wife Mrignayani, a Gujar princess. She demanded a separate palace for herself with a regular water supply through an aqueduct from the nearby Rai River.location-Gwalior

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